What is the Project EIGER ?

The Project EIGER is a new relief printing service using the Elevated Printing Technology : it offers the opportunity to add a tactile dimension to designs by printing multiple layers of UV ink onto flat and rigid surfaces.

What are the main features of the Project EIGER ?

Full Color : the color gamut is completely comparable to the range of four-colour CMYK printers.

High Resolution : with a print resolution up to 450dpi in x/y direction and up to 1800dpi in z-axis, the resolution is just as high as designs printed in a two-dimensional format.

Ability to print large panels : it is possible to print sizes from 5×5 cm up to 120×240 cm.

Tactile : with the elevated printing technology of Project EIGER, relief can be added to designs. These elevations are not only visible, but can also be touched and felt.

Liquid Inks : no PLA, no resin, no plastic : 100% inks !


– Do I need specific tool(s) or software(s) in order to create an elevated design ?

We wanted to keep a simple workflow for the design creation and our team developed two specific plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. You can now use your favorite software such as Adobe Illustrator to create an elevated design or Adobe Photoshop to preview and export your elevated design !

Please consult our Downloads page to get the plug-ins and their documentation.

– What files should I send you in order to produce my print ?

For producing your print, we need two files : an elevation file (in greyscale) and a color file. You can send us directly :
– Two .TIFF files (same resolution and size) without using any plug-in
– A 2.5D PDF exported with our plug-in from Illustrator
– A Zip file exported with our plug-in from Photoshop

– To whom should I sent my files with my elevated design ?

You have to send directly your files to one of our business developers you are in contact with. If you don’t have any business developers contact, please send us a message at

– I’m not using Illustrator nor Photoshop, but a 3D software to make my designs. Can I send you my files ?

Our production workflow works only with 2D images (elevation image + color image), but if you are using a 3D software, feel free to send us an email and let’s see how our team can help you !

Materials / Substrates

– Onto which substrates can you print ?

Included in our offer, we mainly print on dibond. For some smaller applications, we print to shape using ink only.

Printing on materials like  Plexiglass or Gator Foam can be discussed.

– Is there a different price if I choose Plexiglass instead of Dibond for my print ?

Our offer gives you the choice to pick and print onto 1 of the mentioned substrates (Dibond / Plexiglass / Gator Foam) or without (ink only). So, no price difference, whatever the chosen substrate !

– Is it possible to print onto another substrate which is not included with the Project EIGER offer ?

If you don’t find your best choice with our substrates, or if you want to print on a fancy substrate, feel free to send us an email to talk about the possibilities.


– How long does it take to produce my order ?

After reception and validation of your files, your order will be produced and shipped within 5 working days. The delivery time will depend on your location.

– Is it possible to have a custom cutting path for my print ?

The cutting path is usually made from the bounding box around your print (square shape), but a custom cutting path can be made in option.

– Do I need to apply a finishing product on my print ?

Don’t worry, you won’t have to make any post-processing : your print will be ready to use/display !


Do you ship worldwide ?

We ship worldwide from our production factory based in The Netherlands.
For a large order or a large print and depending of the delivery location, an extra fee may be charged for the shipment.
For more information, please check with your commercial contact.

How long does it takes to receive my print(s) ?

The transit time for the shipment depends on your location and can take from 1 to 10 days.

Do I have to pay the shipping cost ?

The shipping cost is already included into our service offer. You won’t have to pay for the shipping, except if you ordered a specific large print (see the question : “Do you ship worldwide ?”).